Henna Oil

Shelly oil is for henna tattoos only!

One thing that is important when it comes to mixing henna is henna oil. Some call it essential oil, we call it Henna oil. We use pure Shelly oil and no other. Pure Shelly oil is the only one that really brings out the stain in henna powder. Pure Shelly oil will only take a few drops per 50 grams.

It is very powerful and helps keep the henna from drying to fast after the application. You do not “have “ to have it , however if money is not a issue when doing your henna tattoo, then we highly recommend henna oil by Shelly.

Do not fall for imitation Shelly oil or fake Shelly oil! We guarantee all of our products to be the finest and not replicas of any sort. So many are jealous of this magical oil they have tried to claim its fame. Shelly oils have been around many decades and to this day its recipe is kept under lock and key
We recommend Henna oil with henna tattoo mixes and for use of taking henna tattoos off. Some like to use henna oil on the spot they will apply the henna tattoo.
You only need a few drops per mix and is concentrated.

essential shelly oil
essential shelly oil

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